Friday 13 January 2012

Types of Memory Modules(RAMs) in our Company

Our Company is the India's largest Manufacturing unit of Memory modules and we have been producing several types of Memory Modules like DDR1,DDR2 and DDR3.

We want to share something more about memory module(DRAM) and its types:
Memory modules also known as memory chips. It contain DRAM memory that is the abbreviation of dynamic random access memory integrated circuits.

RAM works in synch with the method bus. But what is RAM actually? RAM is a central part in a PC, for without RAM there can be no knowledge processing. RAM is basically the storage area where all program is loaded & works from.

In RAM, transistors make up the individual storage cells which can each "remember" an amount of knowledge, for example, one or four bits - as long as the PC is switched on.

Memory Modules(RAM) are made in electronic chips made of so-called semiconductor material, like processors and plenty of other types of chips.

Normal RAM is called DRAM and it needs constant electronic recharging to keep up its data. Without power, all RAM cells are cleared.

Different Types of RAM

There are several types of RAM which can not be used on same motherboard normally. Because they aren't compatible.

Although, Some motherboards can have two sockets to place two types of RAM.

The types of RAM in market are :

A.SD RAM- It is very older & slower and not in use.

B. Rambus RAM-It is advanced than SD RAM and it is only used for very few Pentium 4's with certain Intel chipsets.

C.DDR RAMIt is the faster version of SD RAM .It is used for both Athlon & Pentium 4's.

D.DDR2 RAM-It is the new version of DDR RAM with higher clock frequencies.

E.DDR3 RAM-It is a modern kind of dynamic random access memorywith a high bandwidth interface.

SDRAM is an elderly & proven type, which is used in all of existing PC's. DDR RAM is a refinement of SDRAM, which is in point of fact double clocked. Rambus RAM is an advanced expertise which in principle is superior to DDR RAM in lots of ways. However, Rambus has had a difficult birth. The expertise has been patented by Rambus Inc., which has been involved in lots of legal suits. Numerous important manufacturers (such as VIA) have opted out of Rambus, & only create products which use DDR RAM. With the new DDR2 standard, there is no obvious need for Rambus RAM.

Although, there is a lot manufacturer taking place in DDR. New updated RAM will be released in upcoming days or within the next few years. So we need to see now what is next to be released in DDR.

Tuesday 13 December 2011

RAM Manufacturer,Supplier and Exporter: Innovation in Technology

RAM Manufacturer,Supplier and Exporter: Innovation in Technology: Nowadays, We see innovations in technologies,either we talk about IT,Electronics or anything else. People are very familiar with computer...

Sunday 11 December 2011

Innovation in Technology

Nowadays, We see innovations in technologies,either we talk about IT,Electronics or anything else. People are very familiar with computer and they want new- new things to be implemented or to be used. Nowadays, every body is connected to computers in world and it's the part of our life,because computer makes your work easiest and takes few time for accomplishment. People have been applying on computer since computer was born. Where as I think, now, every offices , either Govt Sector or Private sector, is upon computers.
When we are upon computers and applying more computers, so we need to look after computers.
It will happen if we move up towards new technologies which are being used in market..
New technology can make your system faster by updating its software, processor, memory(RAM),etc.
In updating technology,Om-Nanotech has moved forward with technologies and launched updated DDR3 RAM. Although,Om-Nanotech is also dealing in all DRAM like DDR1,DDR2 and so on. Its
DRAM components has an unique shadow in global market.
Memory upgrading is to be done for better speed of our computers. Since, Om-Nanotech is a manufacturing unit of memory modules. That is why , they believe in user's requirements and better productivity of memory modules.

Tuesday 6 December 2011

OM Associates was established in Singapore in June 2004 for trading, marketing, testing and ultimately manufacturing high-end electronic engineering products
OM Associates obtains (computer) memory chips and flash chips from top manufacturers like Micron and Samsung, testing and grading them into relevant quality and application categories. Products are then exported to a mix of buyers in over 21 countries across 5 continents (Asia, Australia, Europe, North & South America).
To facilitate business expansion and enhance revenue potential, OM Associates established its own plant in 2007 for testing of memory/flash chips and manufacturing memory modules, USB pen-drives and memory cards. Today we sell these products globally under our own worldwide brand names: Dolgix and Zipmem

To be the most respected Singaporean Multi-National Company in manufacturing and distribution of Memory Products.
Mission Statement

To become the most reliable Total Solution Provider of Memory and Flash products, by integrating the functions of sourcing, timely supply, R&D and manufacturing to meet the needs of a diverse mix of customers.

We sell a large range of products from basic components to finished products.
Basic components:
DRAM chips
DRAM die
Flash chip
Flash die
CMOS sensors
CMOS die

Finished products:

 Memory modules
 Long DIMM
 Short DIMM
 Pen Drives
 SD/Micro SD Cards