Tuesday, 6 December 2011

OM Associates was established in Singapore in June 2004 for trading, marketing, testing and ultimately manufacturing high-end electronic engineering products
OM Associates obtains (computer) memory chips and flash chips from top manufacturers like Micron and Samsung, testing and grading them into relevant quality and application categories. Products are then exported to a mix of buyers in over 21 countries across 5 continents (Asia, Australia, Europe, North & South America).
To facilitate business expansion and enhance revenue potential, OM Associates established its own plant in 2007 for testing of memory/flash chips and manufacturing memory modules, USB pen-drives and memory cards. Today we sell these products globally under our own worldwide brand names: Dolgix and Zipmem

To be the most respected Singaporean Multi-National Company in manufacturing and distribution of Memory Products.
Mission Statement

To become the most reliable Total Solution Provider of Memory and Flash products, by integrating the functions of sourcing, timely supply, R&D and manufacturing to meet the needs of a diverse mix of customers.

We sell a large range of products from basic components to finished products.
Basic components:
DRAM chips
DRAM die
Flash chip
Flash die
CMOS sensors
CMOS die

Finished products:

 Memory modules
 Long DIMM
 Short DIMM
 Pen Drives
 SD/Micro SD Cards


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